Calling Components

Call Recording

Call Recording is a very familiar term for most of the users- it is simply recording of voice communication over a phone call. This simple term has a huge necessity for the businesses. it's can come in handy for a number of reasons, such as- policy & regulatory needs, quality control, training purposes.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is one of the most used features on Private Branch Exchange (PBX). When a call arrives on a number that is not available to take the call, this feature routes the call to another number, set by the user. There are many unavoidable circumstances because of which any number may not be able to receive the incoming calls, but Call Forwarding makes sure that you still get those calls.

Call Blasting

Call Blast is a powerful telecommunication technique and one of our top PBX features which allows businesses to contact thousands of customers simultaneously and broadcast a pre-recorded message. All you need to do is specify the message you want to be broadcasted and a set of contact numbers to be dialed and the rest is taken care of by our Hosted PBX system.

Call Waiting

Business phones are usually very busy and the chances the very high that when one of your business phone number is busy on one call, more callers might be trying to reach you. With the traditional business phones, other calls will hear an engage tone or announcement that their call cannot be reached now. Your business phone will show then in missed calls unless you subscribe for an additional alert service. And in this manner, you might be missing on calls that can be very valuable for your business. But that is the case without call waiting.

Call Conferencing

For a business enterprise, call conferencing is a wonderful tool that saves time and gives real-time connectivity between the employer and employees. Be it a project meeting, team meeting, client meeting, presentation or sales report, call conferencing gives you 24 X 7 collaboration with an ease of configuring remote users. Call Conferencing is a boon for small business organizations as it saves a lot of money spent on travelling abroad or to different cities for attending business meetings and seminars in far away locations. Any important meeting or official seminar can be organized on a conference call with as many people as you require and the idea can be conveyed effortlessly.

Call Controlling & Reporting


Most of the businesses continue to lose clients because of their struggle with huge number of incoming calls. At the same time, many businesses, who adopted the Advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) from The Real PBX, are managing their clients with ease and they are even gaining the clients that other are losing.

Music On Hold

Keeping the customer on hold is not an appreciable practice. A number of surveys have shown that no caller likes to stay on hold and being on hold is embraces a negativity towards the business. But keeping the customer on hold is inevitable on many instances. Heavy call flow, processing a request, discussion with a supervisor, etc. are only a few reason for which the operator might have to put your important customer on hold.

Dial By Name

Virtual PBX system intends to simplify and accelerate the connectivity between the employees of your business. ‘Dial by Name’ and ‘Dial by Extension’ are two features of Business Phone service by The Real PBX, which assure that calling between the employees really fast. Available with various customization options for the choice of dialing, these features can dial to the desired party without much of effort and that too in lesser time than the usual phone dialing.

Do Not Disturb

Telephone calls have made our lives simpler and hassle-free. But there are some moments when the same phone service turns into a disturbance and blockage in productivity. In those moments, users want to stay away from the phone, but hardly find any escape. Do Not Disturb is a feature available with the Hosted PBX service of The Real PBX that allows the users to disable the incoming call on their extension. With this feature, no any call will be able to reach the extension and the user can concentrate on the other tasks without telephonic disturbances. The calls received during the “Do Not Disturb” period can either be sent to the voicemail or to other extensions.

Call Queue Management

With the traditional PBX, one extension can keep only one call on wait, while the other call is in progress. More incoming calls cannot be entertained. Your business might survive this sometimes. But this situation can be the business-killer during the rush hours. When the call flow is at its peak, every missed and untracked call is a customer that you are losing. Thus, the traditional PBX services are likely to cost you a huge loss; unless you hire more operators and install additional extensions for them. That itself is a very costly affair. Isn’t?