PBX Solution

A PBX, also known as a Cloud PBX or Virtual PBX, is a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange system which is accessed through an IP network.

Hosted PBX's are managed completely off-site, cutting out the large investment and ongoing maintenance. Instead of having a phone equipment room and knowledgeable staff, business owners are able to manage their phone system through an easy-to-use portal. Leaving the complexities of a traditional PBX system behind.

  • Service Providers can easily offer a Virtual PBX solution to far more markets and verticals than traditional PBX systems could ever reach.
  • Because of its extreme affordability, a Hosted PBX solution is a lot easier for Small to Medium Businesses to adopt. Which makes selling UC that much easier for the Service Providers.

Hosted PBX Phone Benefits

A hosted PBX shifts your phone and communications infrastructure over to a trusted VoIP provider. Instead of individual phone extensions, each phone is replaced with a VoIP desk phone. With the implementation of the hosted PBX, your voice communications use the existing data network.

Business broadband can easily support the unified communications needs of the entire office. All the top PBX features like call routing, call recording, and conferencing are provided from the VoIP service.